JCPenney: Ellen DeGeneres Launch

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JCPenney was about to announce their rebranding and Ellen DeGeneres partnership with a series of commercials in the 2012 Oscars.  The only problem?  With three weeks to go, they had nothing to support the spots.  SS+K was called to rapidly concept, develop and execute a fully integrated digital + social media campaign to support Oscars sponsorship.

Developing The Program

Facing a tight timeframe, our small team took on a wide variety of responsibilities.  I drafted a creative brief, guided creative development, and sketched initial wireframes for the campaign website.

I built a paid digital media plan + search strategy and engaged JCP’s media buying agency to negotiate and execute the media plans.

I developed a 360 social media strategy for all of JCP and Ellen DeGeneres’s social media properties, including establishing the content calendar + cadence and drafting promotional copy for JCP and Ellen’s pages.

I also developed a press brief for JCP internal + external communications, and coordinated with JCP different stakeholders to launch employee activation and PR outreach.

The Oscars Night Campaign

We kicked the campaign off with a #jcpEllen Twitter hashtag CTA integrated at the end of the broadcast television spot.  As each sequential television spot aired during the Oscars, we released the commercials online in real time by way of posts from the @JCP and @TheEllenShow Twitter handles.

We also leveraged native content advertising to amplify the messages.  Promoted posts on Twitter and Facebook were used to spark social conversation, and social video ads were used to extend the reach of the broadcast spots.

We drove people to a campaign website that was fully optimized for engagement and social media sharing, pairing branded content with short activities and games that brought JCP’s new brand promise to life.

The Results

Our clients were thrilled with social media’s ability to build engagement and extend the conversation.  Engaged audiences generated over 17,000 social messages to a potential audience of nearly 33 million followers.  Over 315,000 site visitors spent an average of 5 minutes engaging with Ellen videos + supporting activity content.  And social dialogue revealed that audiences were passionately excited about the Ellen partnership + Oscars campaign.

Additional images:

“Receipt Origami” game with “Set Your Receipts Free” TV Spot on the JCP + Ellen microsite

#jcpEllen hashtag Twitter CTA on JCP + Ellen Television spot

#jcpEllen hashtag Twitter CTA on JCP + Ellen Television spot


example #jcpEllen Twitter content sync’d with the television broadcast


example JCP + Ellen social video ad unit

Pasted_Image_2_18_13_4_28_PM 2

example #jcpEllen Twitter content sync’d with the television broadcast


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