Obama 2012: For All Campaign

SS+K was tapped as President Obama’s youth agency for his 2012 re-election bid (a follow-up to SS+K’s 2008 work).  The campaign we developed, For All, appealed to young Americans through the issues they care about, the values they hold dear, and their urgency to speak up for themselves through their own preferred modes of expression.

User Generated Political Action

For All was designed as a completely grassroots social media campaign.  We asked people to write an issue on their hand, take a photo, and share it on Instagram.   As simple as that.

We turned people’s Instagram photos into posters, videos and other campaign collateral that blanketed college campuses and youth environments around the country.

We invited celebrities to take the same actions we asked of regular people, and we mixed the results together in a unified online gallery to illustrate the importance of being greater together.

The Results That Matter

All told, an estimated 5,000 people created Instagram photos, nearly 60,000 people shared For All on Twitter, and countless more on Facebook– including important youth influencers like Lena Dunham, Alicia Keyes, Natalie Portman, Katy Perry, Neil Patrick Harris, and more.  Far East Movement even made a song about it.  In total, we were able to reach potentially 150 Million people with President Obama’s message, entirely through social media.

Most importantly, young people made up 19% of the electorate in 2012 (up from 18% in ’08), 60% of who voted for President Obama, tipping the vote in critical battle ground states.  And President Obama was re-elected.

For more about For All, and SS+K’s other contributions to the presidential re-election campaign, read here: http://ssk.com/obama-biden-2012/

Additional images:


For All Instagram gallery on BarackObama.com

Obama 2012 For All Posters

Obama 2012 For All Posters


Obama 2012 For All Posters


  • Digiday Best Social Engagement Campaign
  • Digiday Best Branded Viral Video
  • Digiday Best Use of Social Media for a Cause

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