VineViewer: The First Vine Video Search Web App


VineViewer is a web utility that allows users search the growing library of vines based on the video’s content tags.  It was initially a rapid prototype developed by SS+K and released to the public within a week of Vine’s launch.  Not long after, we launched an event-specific version, (South by Six Seconds) that told the SXSW story through the vines uploaded from the festival.  And most recently, we have iterated on the idea in releasing a brand-sponsored takeover of the app with an event-specific New York International Auto Show page for Volkswagen with

How It Came About

We were really excited when Twitter launched Vine. Like everyone else in our business, we immediately began thinking of different ways we might incorporate Vines into client work. In doing so, we lamented that there was no simple way to search for vines in a specific category, like ‘love’ for Valentine’s Day. And while we could see the content that was being shared in our own circles of friends, Vine’s lack of web presence limited our ability to see how the larger community was beginning to use the application.

Rather than wait for the feature to be added to Vine, we partnered with our friends at Firefall Pro to prototype a fast, simple web utility that would allow users to search and view all vines related to a specific topic. In under 24 hours we had a working version of our new web utility VineViewer up for people to use to search public Vines, and a growing list of features we envisioned for the application.

Its Growth Since Launch

Right away there was a lot of excitement from the Vine community, and the marketing community at large. Publications like Fast Company and Creativity wrote features on VineViewer, and more importantly, we began to see searches streaming in. The public interest inspired us to take our experiment further, and a few weeks later we launched a special edition for SXSW® 2013 in Austin. For the project, we coined “South by 6 Seconds” [SX6s] The new web app brought with it a refreshed design and improved feature-set.

SX6s was an instant hit with SXSW attendees, as well as with those watching the conference from the comfort of their own homes. We were Creativity‘s pick of the day, #5 in AdAge’s daily rankings, in Cassandra Daily, PSFK, and more.  We even created a popular highlight reel video featuring the best SXSW vines we discovered using VineViewer.

Inspiring Client Work

In addition to the embrace of the community, VineViewer had an immediate effect of stimulating creative ideation in our client work. VineViewer has helped us peek into people’s user behavior around topics they’re interested in, which has helped lead to insights for our own exploration. We’ve put these learnings into practice in a number of upcoming campaigns, including a partnership with Volkswagen around the New York International Auto Show.

Our new NYIAS VineViewer, sponsored by VW, brings with it a whole new level of polish and sophistication to the web app. Our client was inspired by our creative use of the emerging platform to share the experience of the New York International Auto Show to a wider audience, and looks forward to pushing the concept forward.

Case study:

Additional images:


The original VineViewer 1.0 design


South By Six Seconds (SX6S), built for SXSW

SX6s Highlight Reel 2013 from SS+K on Vimeo.

Media Coverage


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