Wells Fargo CSR & LOB Social Strategy

Wells Fargo Debit Card Line of Business Social Media Strategy


SS+K was hired to develop a comprehensive social media marketing strategy for Wells Fargo’s Debit Card Line Of Business.  This effort began with exhaustive stakeholder interviews, included audit readouts, and resulted in a playbook for the Debit Card LOB team, as well guidance on socializing the strategy.  The playbook included:

  • Goals: What Debit should and shouldn’t do in social media
  • Activation: A three year implementation plan
  • Performance: How success will be measured

Close attention was paid to how the Debit Card LOB social media activation plan was integrated into existing Deposit Products Group and Enterprise social media frameworks.

Wells Fargo “Small is Huge” CSR Social Engagement Strategy

small is huge image

We created “Small is Huge”, a platform that weaves together all of the good Wells Fargo and its employees are doing on a local level across the country.  A core element of Small is Huge is a rigorous social media strategy that defines how stories about these local efforts are captured, packaged, and shared, as well as how customers can be engaged through the content.


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