HBO GO: Awkward Family Viewing Campaign


HBO came to us with a challenge: how could they build buzz and engagement with a Millennial audience that is the least likely to have access to, or be able to afford HBO? The answer, to lean into HBO GO, their on-demand video service that had gained a reputation for unauthorized password sharing. Instead of running from it, as most of the entertainment industry would, we recommended the opposite– to lean into it, and use it as the avenue for bringing HBO to the next generation.

Enter “Awkward Family Viewing”, a campaign that shined a light on one simple human truth: how awkward it is for teens and parents to watch HBO together. The seven spots were shared across HBO’s social media properties, in digital media, and integrated into HBO’s college campus engagement efforts.  The result was one of the most talked about campaigns of the year, with millions of views, press coverage, user generated submissions, and 5 Cannes Lions. Let the HBO GO password sharing begin.

[View all seven videos here]

Media coverage:


  • Cannes Lions // Gold Lion: Film Craft – Casting
  • Cannes Lions / Silver Lions: Film Craft – Direction, Film Craft – Script, Film – Internet Film
  • Cannes Lions // Bronze Lion: Cyber – Webisodes/Episodes

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