Hamburger Hummus Web Series

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When American millennials think about Israel, they don’t think about it as tech savvy, gay friendly, environmentally progressive, and having a wild nightlife.  We set out to change all that with Hamburger Hummus, a hilarious new web comedy that exposes many of the unexpected and awesome aspects of Israeli culture. The seven-episode series stars Jillian Bell (Workaholics, 22 Jump Street), and Angela Kinsey (The Office), and was directed by Jay Karas (Workaholics, Brooklyn Nine-Nine).

To promote the show, we focused on original content opportunities such as partnering with YouTube stars like Brothers Green Eats, Jimmy Tatro, Mamrie Hart and Tipsy Bartender to create videos featuring themes and cast members.  We also crafted original articles that incorporated unseen character social content and informative factoids.  We also secured an exclusive trailer premier with Entertainment Weekly and video roadblocks on Comedy Central and other Viacom properties.

Watch the “making of” video

The website the housing Hamburger Hummus web video series was as ambitious as the show itself. is actually a digital manifestation of a physical world constructed entirely out of paper.  Artists designed a 20 foot wide scale model of Israel, highlighting the seven different  environments from the episodes and complete with waves that crash and trees that blow in the wind.  The site also featured social content from the characters in each episode to give viewers the change to dive deeper into the story.


Since launch the show has been watched millions of times, featured in everything from Fast Company to Out Magazine, and was picked up to be included on the front page of Funny or Die.  The site also received a CSS Design Awards site of the day and was shortlisted on FWA.


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